Erin "The Beast" Thole amps up the results of determined CrossFitters who are determined to become lean, powerful, dominating forces!

Despite giving it their all in every WOD and following clean eating guidelines to a “T”, these driven athletes are feeling confused by conflicting dietary theories and embarrassed by their lack luster results.

Erin mentors these ambitious athletes to fulfill their true potential, vanquish self-doubt and achieve their goals. All without ever having to stress about which dietary guidelines to follow or "living at the gym".

In her online program, The Beast Mode Method, Erin creates an efficient, transformational and customized program for each of her determined clients by taking their unique biochemistry into consideration.

The Beast Mode Method:

  • Chip away at symptoms, struggles and walls you have hit.

  • Go beyond clean eating basics and into food as an antidote.

  • Learn how to best manage and conquer stress.

  • Share secrets to stay loose, limber, pain and injury free.

  • Design a fail-proof game plan for ongoing success.

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