Total Health Overhaul Seminar

Time to say goodbye to every day symptoms that are COMMON but NOT Normal—Like...

Cravings, bloating, fatigue, digestive distress, mood swings, excess weight, chronic aches & pains, infertility, cycle irregularities, hormonal imbalances, mind fog, anxiety, depression, poor sleep...

Join Certified Natural Healthcare Practitioner, Erin Thole to learn:

  • How to control leptin: the hormone made by your fat cells that make you store or burn fat

  • Common symptom causes & how to get rid of them

  • How to balance your hormones & digestive system by eating a diet that is specific to your individual needs

  • Debunk popular dietary myths

  • Understanding the digestive process & how this complex system is the root of 99% of health conditions & how it will make or break your health for life

  •  All about poop! (everyone’s favorite topic!)

  • What are the right foods and/or dietary theories for your specific needs

  • How to be proactive with your healthcare instead of reactive

You'll take home proactive and preventative science-based health and nutrition information, a folder filled with all the information covered in the class, recipes, resources, and more… Fill out the form below for more information and scheduling a group seminar to overhaul your Total Health!

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* Additional fees may apply if traveling outside the Houston, TX area.