Chris L.

I was overweight and had difficulty losing weight. I lacked energy. I was tired and had difficulty sleeping at night. I was starting to have more problems with my GERD, which I have had 20+ years.

I had tried protein powders, various weight loss programs and pills, increasing my WODs and various supplements that I thought I needed.

What I loved most about The Beast Mode Method was discovering what foods truly fuel my body, my temple.

I loved working with Erin because she is awesome!. She has walked in our shoes. She let me know that it is ok to fail and that it is ok to have your meltdowns. Take a few minutes then get over it! 

With The Beast Mode Method I was able to say good bye to the following symptoms: bloating, ache reflux, fatigue, inability to lose weight, inability to gain muscle and tone, skin issues, digestive issues, food cravings, mood swings, poor sleep and muscle cramps.

Because of The Beast Mode Method I have more energy. I feel like I attack the WOD with more intensity and that I can push through to the end. I also feel like I recover quicker. I am now a beast at the box!

If you are wondering if this is the program for you I would say if you are committed and willing to embark on a journey to discover a new you- DO IT! It is not easy. But nothing worth doing ever is. It has probably been the most difficult step in life I have taken thus far but the journey has been amazing. I have lost belly fat that I have been trying to lose the last 15+ years. I have muscles that are defined that I did not know existed. I have more energy. I am no longer a nap-a-holic. I actually sleep at night and I wake up feeling rested. GO FOR IT!