Tony R.

Prior to joining The Beast Mode Method I struggled because I weighed over 340 pounds, had diabetes, poor sleep, chronic pain, inflammation and tightness. I was fatigued all the time and my health was suffering greatly.

I had tried the Paleo Diet, weight loss supplements, protein shakes, muscle building supplements and other weight loss programs and pills. Nothing seemed to stick or work right for me.

What I loved most about The Beast Mode Method was that it was designed just for me. I now have more energy than ever before and my mind is sharp and clear. I have struggled for 4 years with keeping up with those who were really fast in the workout. Just this past week I have beaten those who used to lap me in the workouts in the Masters! My energy just keeps going up, up, up and I finish my WODs strong. I walk around a lot at my job and co-workers are now struggling to keep up with my energy.

I have lost about 40 pounds in 3 months and gotten off some medications by eating the foods that my body likes, avoiding my sensitivities and following Erin’s recommendations. I love my new lifestyle, the food, and I will never go back to how I was eating before because I feel so amazing!  

With The Beast Mode Method I was able to get rid of: bloating, fatigue, weight, poor sleep, digestive issues, an inability to gain muscle and slow improvements at the box.

If someone is wondering if The Beast Mode Method is worth the investment I would say “Just look at me!” I have lost weight and my eating healthy plan has created a new me. The tests and information Erin gives you will open your eyes and you will begin to see a new lifestyle for yourself. I’m going after 220 pounds!

Going through The Beast Mode Method and having such great success has been my greatest achievement in a long time. I've been praying for a long time for God to heal me from the inside out and I feel like that prayer was answered when He sent me to Erin.

Shana B.

I had a very hard time losing weight, no matter how hard I worked out and ate "right". I was always tired and at times depressed because I had these uncontrollable cravings for junk food. I couldn't figure out why I didn't have the "willpower" to not succumb to them. It was very defeating and I was about ready to give up.

I had tried sticking to a Paleo diet, protein powders, various weight loss programs and supplements and getting in more workouts. None of this did the trick.

What I loved most about The Beast Mode Method was ERIN!!! It was so wonderful to hear someone tell me that a lot of the things I was dealing with were not necessarily things I could control in my current state. She gave me scientific reasons for a lot of the feelings and symptoms I had been having. That coupled with the hormone panels, food sensitivity panel and other tests she ran, shone a huge light on why I was having the issues I was having and even better, there was an easy fix!! It was also very helpful, that she was very familiar with my plight and could relate.

What I loved most about working with Erin was that she answered any and all questions I had, and quickly! She is a never-ending supply of information and she is very knowledgeable in so many areas of health and nutrition. Any question I had she was able to not only give me an answer to, but also an explanation of the hows and whys. I always felt like she definitely had my best interest at heart and made sure every product/supplement was the best quality and also the best choice for my situation. I am not exaggerating when I say that I was at a very low point in regards to my diet/self-confidence and she not only let me know it doesn't have to be that way, but gave me the tools I needed to feel better.

Through The Beast Mode Method I was able to get rid of: bloat, excess fat, fatigue, food cravings, mood swings, joint pain and constant soreness. I was able to gain strength and better sleep.

I am now a beast at the box because I’m less sluggish, my mind is clear (previously I always felt "in a fog"). I am gaining strength and endurance and flexibility. I am keeping up with and sometimes surpassing my peers at the box. But, most importantly, I am enjoying the feeling of working out, without it feeling like a "workout". It's just fun. Like play time for me, because I'm not as stiff or tired and seem to have extra energy to "bounce" through my WODs.

If you are wondering if The Beast Mode Method is worth the investment I would say a resounding YES!! I cannot tell you how grateful I am that I came across Erin. I considered myself fairly educated on healthy, clean eating and even though I was seemingly doing the "right" thing, it wasn't the right thing for me individually. All the testing, and again, her vast knowledge, made all the difference for me. I never once felt like just any client. Each time I spoke with her, she knew exactly what was what in reference to my issues. I never felt like I was "put in a certain box, so I would receive this plan". I always knew she paid individual attention to me. On top of all that, there was a ton of bonus information and material that made it a perfect whole body and mind program.

A million Thank You Erin!!! <3

Michael D.

I was unable to lose body fat around my mid-section. I couldn’t do WODs as RX and I was tapped-out half-way through the WOD. I had tried: Paleo, The Zone, protein powders, recovery drinks, muscle building supplements, fat loss supplements, increasing my WODs and decreasing my WODs- nothing was working!

What I liked most about working with Erin and The Beast Mode Method was that by identifying the foods that were inflammatory to my body and addressing my hormone deficiencies that were restricting my progress at the box and fixing these; I was able to progress to reach my goals. I have gained 12 pounds of lean muscle while losing 4 pounds of fat!

Erin’s personalized attention and focus helped me attain my goals. Through The Beast Mode Method I was able to get rid of: fatigue, bloat, fat, chronic injuries and the frustrating pattern of not making gains at the Box.

Because of my journey through The Beast Mode Method I am now doing 80-90% of my WODs as RX and I am able to lift heavier!

If people are wondering if investing in The Beast Mode Method is worth it I would say- Yes, most definitely! 

Kristi W.

I was having a lot of stomachaches and headaches throughout the day, and I was often very tired. I was having trouble eating what was best for me. I'm really busy during the days so I was often skipping meals or just snacking until dinner, and then eating fairly unhealthy things in the evening. I had a really hard time saying no to my sweet tooth.

I enjoyed Crossfit but felt like I wasn't living up to my potential. I felt weaker than others and got my butt kicked by workouts fairly often! I knew quite a bit about how to eat healthy but I was having trouble really implementing it into my life.

I enjoyed the amount of topics that we covered in The Beast Mode Method. I especially liked doing all the food and hormonal panels. I feel like those were big keys in helping me to understand what my body needed. I also enjoyed that the program lasted a few months because I was able to work with Erin and troubleshoot throughout the process. I think if I had just gotten the results of those tests and tried to improve my health on my own, I wouldn't have been nearly as successful. But because I was able to have Erin walk me through the process week by week, I was able to make true changes in my life. Erin really knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I always looked forward to our phone conversations and felt like I got a lot out of our conversations. She was always willing to help, come up with new ideas, and answer my questions. It felt like she put a lot of effort into researching and understanding everything I was going through.

Through The Beast Mode Method I was able to say good bye to: fatigue, digestive issues, food cravings and mood swings. I have improved greatly in my endurance and I have completed two competitions since starting The Beast Mode Method and have felt great at both of them. I got my first bar muscle up! I've improved at every lift I've tried. My back squat max had not gone up in about 10 months, and then it went up by 15 pounds! I actually enjoy workouts and I feel much more confident about my abilities.  

I'm glad I worked with Erin and The Beast Mode Method because I learned things about myself and my body that I will use for the rest of my life. I feel great, and for me, that's worth a lot. 

Kristen N.

I thought I was eating healthy, but I didn’t see much in the way of results. I was extremely frustrated because I was following the recommendations of Paleo and clean eating to the letter. Surely I should see some changes!

What I loved most about The Beast Mode Method was the fact that it is very clear cut once your specific problems are identified. The tests were quick and painless and all I had to do was eat the healthy foods my body craved as defined by my food sensitivity panel and hormonal panel results. So simple.

Erin is very enthusiastic and encouraging without being overbearing and she always had answers to my questions no matter how crazy they seemed.

With Erin the Beast and The Beast Mode Method I said good bye to bloating, fatigue, body fat, digestive issues and constant soreness.

Although I will never be a “Games Level Athlete” I AM a beast at the box! I’m an example of how individualized nutrition is the absolute foundation to improving all CrossFit skills no matter what your ability level.

You cannot put a price on how life changing this has been for me.Kristen 

Abigail M.

I was always exhausted even though I slept 8-9 hours every night. I never felt a boost of energy at the Box, and working out was draining. I was not able to lose much weight around my midsection nor gain muscle tone. In fact, there were times when I gained weight even though I was going to the Box frequently. I was constantly operating at high stress levels.

I tried Paleo, protein powders and increasing my WODs and nothing helped!

What I loved most about The Beast Mode Method was that it is different and it works! I understand what foods work best for me and make me feel good. I embrace the fact that food intolerances do not have to be forever. I am healing my body from years of eating with no regard to what I was putting in my mouth.

What I loved most about working with Erin “The Beast” was that she believed in me. When I felt discouraged she would pull me out of it and get me back on track. She is proud of my accomplishments and helped me to find my true self and get over fear.

Because of The Beast Mode Method I have said good-bye to bloating, fatigue, excess body fat, digestive issues, mood swings and an inability to gain muscle. I am now making regular PR’s at the Box. It’s simple, yet profound. The Beast Mode Method is definitely worth the investment! Do the work!