Sonia T.

Before I joined The Beast Mode Method I struggled because was having difficulty staying energized in the afternoon right when my kids would get home from school. All I wanted to do was close my eyes and go to sleep. I wasn't working out at all and felt so much confusion on what I should actually be cooking for my family.

I had tried many different things to help pull me out of this rut like: going paleo, various recovery supplements, weight loss programs and pills, various supplements, decreasing and increasing my WODs.

What I loved most about The Beast Mode Method is that my energy level improved very quickly!

What I loved most about working with Erin was that she was so easy to talk to and I felt like she really cared. She would spend extra time after a phone call if needed to help me resolve any issue I was having.

With The Beast Mode Method and Erin the Beast I was able to say good bye to the following symptoms: bloating, inability to gain muscle and tone, fatigue, digestive issues, mood swings and food cravings.

I am a beast at the box now because I know I can tackle any workout that comes my way!

If anyone is wondering if The Beast Mode Method is worth the investment I would tell the ABSOLUTELY!!! 

Kristen N.

I thought I was eating healthy, but I didn’t see much in the way of results. I was extremely frustrated because I was following the recommendations of Paleo and clean eating to the letter. Surely I should see some changes!

What I loved most about The Beast Mode Method was the fact that it is very clear cut once your specific problems are identified. The tests were quick and painless and all I had to do was eat the healthy foods my body craved as defined by my food sensitivity panel and hormonal panel results. So simple.

Erin is very enthusiastic and encouraging without being overbearing and she always had answers to my questions no matter how crazy they seemed.

With Erin the Beast and The Beast Mode Method I said good bye to bloating, fatigue, body fat, digestive issues and constant soreness.

Although I will never be a “Games Level Athlete” I AM a beast at the box! I’m an example of how individualized nutrition is the absolute foundation to improving all CrossFit skills no matter what your ability level.

You cannot put a price on how life changing this has been for me.Kristen 

Heather J.

Before finding The Beast Mode Method I could not lose fat, my endurance was nonexistent and I had plateaued on all my lifts. I was so frustrated because I was working my butt off and not getting anywhere!

I tried Paleo, protein powders, going to the box more and adding in more cardio. What I love most about The Beast Mode Method was the fact that the entire program was designed specifically for my body, my lab results, my needs and my goals.

What I loved most about working with Erin “The Beast” was her passion for her clients and their success. I love that she tailors the program to the individual to ensure compliance and positive results.

Because I worked with Erin I was able to say bu-bye to fatigue, excess body fat, mood swings, bad sleep, heart palpitations and always being cold. I have also made leaps and bounds with my strength and endurance, have gained muscle and tone and I am much more confident!

The Beast Mode Method is definitely worth the investment! You have no idea how much you can accomplish when you are given the right tools for your body and goals!