Heather J.

Before finding The Beast Mode Method I could not lose fat, my endurance was nonexistent and I had plateaued on all my lifts. I was so frustrated because I was working my butt off and not getting anywhere!

I tried Paleo, protein powders, going to the box more and adding in more cardio. What I love most about The Beast Mode Method was the fact that the entire program was designed specifically for my body, my lab results, my needs and my goals.

What I loved most about working with Erin “The Beast” was her passion for her clients and their success. I love that she tailors the program to the individual to ensure compliance and positive results.

Because I worked with Erin I was able to say bu-bye to fatigue, excess body fat, mood swings, bad sleep, heart palpitations and always being cold. I have also made leaps and bounds with my strength and endurance, have gained muscle and tone and I am much more confident!

The Beast Mode Method is definitely worth the investment! You have no idea how much you can accomplish when you are given the right tools for your body and goals!