Kristi W.

I was having a lot of stomachaches and headaches throughout the day, and I was often very tired. I was having trouble eating what was best for me. I'm really busy during the days so I was often skipping meals or just snacking until dinner, and then eating fairly unhealthy things in the evening. I had a really hard time saying no to my sweet tooth.

I enjoyed Crossfit but felt like I wasn't living up to my potential. I felt weaker than others and got my butt kicked by workouts fairly often! I knew quite a bit about how to eat healthy but I was having trouble really implementing it into my life.

I enjoyed the amount of topics that we covered in The Beast Mode Method. I especially liked doing all the food and hormonal panels. I feel like those were big keys in helping me to understand what my body needed. I also enjoyed that the program lasted a few months because I was able to work with Erin and troubleshoot throughout the process. I think if I had just gotten the results of those tests and tried to improve my health on my own, I wouldn't have been nearly as successful. But because I was able to have Erin walk me through the process week by week, I was able to make true changes in my life. Erin really knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I always looked forward to our phone conversations and felt like I got a lot out of our conversations. She was always willing to help, come up with new ideas, and answer my questions. It felt like she put a lot of effort into researching and understanding everything I was going through.

Through The Beast Mode Method I was able to say good bye to: fatigue, digestive issues, food cravings and mood swings. I have improved greatly in my endurance and I have completed two competitions since starting The Beast Mode Method and have felt great at both of them. I got my first bar muscle up! I've improved at every lift I've tried. My back squat max had not gone up in about 10 months, and then it went up by 15 pounds! I actually enjoy workouts and I feel much more confident about my abilities.  

I'm glad I worked with Erin and The Beast Mode Method because I learned things about myself and my body that I will use for the rest of my life. I feel great, and for me, that's worth a lot.