Mark C.

I'm confident there is significant benefit to be found from Erin by every single person on the planet, from athletes in top competitive form to couch potatoes. Erin combines nutrition, science, and active listening with an awareness and supportive foundation that is truly a gift.

A few months ago my wife Sarah, a non-CrossFitter, and I decided to invest in Erin's programming together and tackle it as a team. It's very different than anything we've ever encountered. Sarah and I have both tried many forms of nutritional change, but nothing quite as complete and comprehensive as what Erin offers. The fact that it is 3 month program is very important, it allows for realizing meaningful change over time from physical, emotional, psychological and habit forming perspectives. Furthermore, the longer duration plays no small part in resetting your mind and preparing you to implement and become the positive long term lifestyle change you envision in your mind.

Prior to joining The Beast Mode Method I struggled with mood swings, fatigue, poor sleep, unexplained anger and over reactions, reoccurring Charlie horses and muscle spasms, anxiety and depression, poor stress management, quitting smoking, poor food choices and an inability to lose weight.

In three months I've returned to physical fitness I haven't experienced in over a decade. I've lost about twenty pounds. My emotional health has returned and stress levels are reaching an even plateau that I didn't know was possible.

I recently ran the Houston marathon with no training other than CrossFit; as I did last year as well, but this year I knocked off nearly an hour from my finish time! I'm hitting 10-20 pound + PRs with my lifts. I've realized and become able to control triggers in my personal life that would otherwise lead me to missing on some very fundamental and important goals.

I'll leave my wife's good words for Erin to her, but I can say she has transformed over the past few months as well. She shrinks visibly every day. I am so proud of her. In many ways she is far outperforming me. More than the joy I get from achieving my goals, I sit in wonder at how fantastic my wife is doing, the progress she's been able to make with Erin's guidance.

What I have accomplish simply would not have been possible without Erin and The Beast Mode Method. It is staggering, the amount of knowledge Erin possesses when it comes to helping people achieve great things in overall health, nutrition and wellbeing. In Erin I have found such a great coach and friend that is so supportive and honest. It is evident to me that Erin truly cares about people, not just her clients, but ... especially her clients. Erin has won a special place in the hearts of myself and my wife. We feel so fortunate to have found her. I encourage you to share in our good fortune and reach out to her. Go find your inner beast! Thank you Erin!