Linda M.

Before The Whole Health Project I was struggling because I was already doing everything I knew to help my digestion and body and I was losing ground and looking and feeling worse.

I had tried various supplement regiments recommended to me by various other practitioners I had visited and various diets like: the blood type diet, a 4 day food rotation diet that was based off of a food panel I had done years ago and food combining.

What I loved most about The Whole Health Project and working with Erin Thole was that I felt supported and guided, she was always looking out for me. I loved working with Erin because of her endless enthusiasm and resourcefulness.

With The Whole Health Project and Erin Thole I was able to say good bye to:

  • bloating

  • fatigue

  • poor sleep

  • mood swings

  • joint and muscle pain

  • gas

  • constipation

  • gall bladder issues

  • a constant fear of what would happen if I ate a food that didn’t agree with me on any non-specific day.

My life is better because of The Whole Health Project and Erin Thole because I now have confidence that there are solutions for what comes up, there is a knowledgeable human being who cares and can be dedicated and I can prioritize myself and help others while doing so.

If you are wondering if The Whole Health Project is right for you I would say that it really helps to get all the information and support together and get going on all that is necessary and finally move forward happily, confidently and healthily! Join The Whole Health Project!