Sarah M.

Before I joined The Whole Health Project I was always tired and sick. I had no energy and I ached all the time and I just did not feel “right.”

I had been on prescription drugs and many over the counter medications and nothing helped and often times I just felt worse. I often took painkillers for my aches and pains and I was on antibiotics every time about every two months for reoccurring sinus infections. I took horrible care of myself.

What I loved most about The Whole Health Project was that it started from scratch. I had no idea how to take care of myself or what my body needed. Through TWHP I was able to figure that all out. We did lots of hormonal tests and an extensive food sensitivity panel and a very in depth health history report. Erin looked at the whole body and how everything was related to figure out the root cause of my symptoms, she didn’t address it just piece by piece as individual, unrelated problems.

What I love most about working with Erin Thole is that she is fun even when she is serious. And she really cares about your success. And she knows her stuff! I mean, she really, REALLY knows it!!!!!

With Erin Thole and The Whole Health Project I was able to say good bye to:

  • bloating

  • digestive distress

  • major food cravings

  • excess weight

  • fatigue

  • constant soreness

  • muscle aches and pains.

Because of The Whole Health Project I am much more aware of what food does to my body. I used to feel awful all the time but I thought that was normal. Now I know it is not normal and when I feel awful it is because I stopped taking care of myself. The most important thing is that I learned to listen to my body.

If you are wondering if The Whole Health Project is worth the investment I would say it absolutely is. I feel so much better and I have learned to listen to my body and understand what the signals it is sending me mean. I had years of bad habits and bad eating to fix. But I know how now. And that is totally worth it.