Michael D.

I was unable to lose body fat around my mid-section. I couldn’t do WODs as RX and I was tapped-out half-way through the WOD. I had tried: Paleo, The Zone, protein powders, recovery drinks, muscle building supplements, fat loss supplements, increasing my WODs and decreasing my WODs- nothing was working!

What I liked most about working with Erin and The Beast Mode Method was that by identifying the foods that were inflammatory to my body and addressing my hormone deficiencies that were restricting my progress at the box and fixing these; I was able to progress to reach my goals. I have gained 12 pounds of lean muscle while losing 4 pounds of fat!

Erin’s personalized attention and focus helped me attain my goals. Through The Beast Mode Method I was able to get rid of: fatigue, bloat, fat, chronic injuries and the frustrating pattern of not making gains at the Box.

Because of my journey through The Beast Mode Method I am now doing 80-90% of my WODs as RX and I am able to lift heavier!

If people are wondering if investing in The Beast Mode Method is worth it I would say- Yes, most definitely!